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A Trip to Scotland of India - Coorg

Coorg Trip - Day - 1

Coorg also known as Scotland of India is famous for its coffee estates. It is around 240 kms from Bangalore and also called Madikeri.  It was Friday night of 19th July when we started for the Kodagu from Bangalore. We were in a group of 12 people and hired a TT which came with the package which we took from some website. Mr Arun, owner of the website also joined us.
Tea Estate Coorg, Tea resort cottages
Coffee Estate, Coorg
We started from Bangalore at 2am in the night and reached at 9 am in the morning. Due to monsoon it was raining heavily since night. Road to Coorg was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and tea gardens. Greenery was stretched all over the country side of Karnataka.

Cottages Coorg, Tea Estate Cottages Madikeri

After crossing few kilometers of ghat section we entered in the world of Coffee. Acres of land was covered with the coffee plants. Our cottages were also situated in one of the coffee estates, in a village. We left the main road and after 5 minutes of ride we were in front of our coffee estate. The name of the resort was Coorg Path (something) and it was fully covered with coffee plants and other trees from all sides.
Tea Estate Owner
Mr. Arun Senior

As soon as we entered the cottages, we meet owner of the coffee estate his name is also Arun. He is a very enthusiastic and warm host. His estate is spread in 200 acres of land out which 100 acre is jungle area. He gave us brief introduction about the place and activities which we were going to do during our stay.
Boating in Coorg, Resorts of Coorg, Tea Estate Homestays Coorg
Pond in the Coffee Estate
After having breakfast we started for our first activity. There is also a small pond in the estate for boating. It was raining continuously, which lead to slippery ground. We walked on the edges of paddy fields and reached the pond. After doing boating for half an hour and we started for our next activity which was shooting with air gun.
Air gun Shooting, Coorg Air gun shooting,
Results of Air Gun Shooting

An hour later we went outside for lunch and sightseeing. Coorg is a small district spread in the radius of 100 Km. We crossed the main market and reached the place called “Raja’s Seat”. The Raja’s Seat is basically a garden and is famous for sunset. Raja (King) used to see sunset from here so maybe it get the name Raja’s Seat. You need to pay for entry ticket which is nominal amount. 
Raja,s Sheat Garden Coorg, Places to see in Coorg Madikeri
Raja's Seat Garden, Coorg
There is a viewpoint for which you need to trek down the garden through bushes. The view will be awesome from that point. You can see the small houses and paddy fields down. Due to rain it was very cold, so we left the place and started for Abbe Falls. 
Coorg in Monsoon - Raja's Seat
View from Raja's Seat Garden
Abbe Falls is just 5 kms from the town. There are around 100 to 200 steps for reaching Abbe Falls. Due to monsoon waterfalls was flowing with its full strength. There is also a hanging bridge in front of waterfall. You will get the direct view of Abbe falls from the bridge. Water was flowing with thundering speed and we got totally wet with sprinkles of water. After half an hour we went back from the waterfall.
Abbe Waterfalls Coorg, Waterfalls in Madikeri
Abbe Falls, Coorg
After having lunch at 4pm we went back to our tea estate and slept for couple of ours. We woke up when Mr. Arun Junior asked us to come out of cottages as bonfire was ready. They lighted up nice bonfire in the courtyard of cottages. We all surrounded the bonfire as it was very cold. 

Bonfire in Coorg Resort, Resorts in Coorg

As per our plan we had to go for night Jungle Safari after dinner. But due to continuous rain we cancelled the safari and drinked till 3 in the night. Next day also early in the morning we had to go for trekking at the nearby hill, so we slept at 4am hoping that we will be able to wake up 6:30 am in the morning.


  1. The land of coffee, cardamom, colonels and the Cauvery. It is beautiful and Jungle safari is something which you cant describe in words. So many animals..loving it.

    Incredible Safari Destination.

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  3. Coorg is on my list for a long time.... lovely narration and pics :)

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