Monday, September 7, 2015

Mumbai to Hyderabad: Ladakh Road Trip Last Day - Day 16

Date: 18th May 2013

Distance Travelled: 750 KMs

Highlights of the Day: Mumbai – Pune Expressway,
States Entered: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh

Last day of our Bangalore to Ladakh road trip and we were in Mumbai outskirts. We started our final lap of journey at 10:30am towards Pune. By the time we crossed Mumbai and took Mumbai Pune Expressway it was 12 in the noon.
Mumbai Pune Expressway is amazing and it took us 2 hours to reach Pune. There are number of tunnels on Pune Expressway and the route is full of beautiful sights. At 1:50pm Mumbai Pune expressway ended and at 2pm we were in Pune.

It took us one and half hour to come out of Pune, as we stuck in traffic on several places. At 3:30pm we were out of Pune and started for Sholapur. By the time we reached Sholapur it was 7 in the evening. Now there was nothing much left in our journey and only thing that was in our mind was to reach Hyderabad as soon as possible.
At 10pm we entered Karnataka for half an hour and at 11pm we were in one more state Andhra Pradesh. Road was not in good condition due to which when we reach Hyderabad it was already 1am in the night. We haven’t had dinner, so started our search for dinner in Hyderabad and got Biryani parcel.

After getting dinner parcel we went to our hotel which was already booked. This was last night of our long Ladakh road trip. Tomorrow i.e Day 17 we handed our car to my friend’s father. One of my friend went to his hometown and one stayed in Hyderabad with his parents and two of us started for Bangalore on 19th May by bus.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jodhpur to Mumbai: Ladakh Road Trip - Day 15

Date: 17th May 2013

Distance Travelled: 1000 Kms
Highlights of the Day: Om Banna Temple, Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway.

Road Condition: Jodhpur to Gujarat roads are in decent condition except few places.
                                    From Gujarat to Mumbai roads are in excellent condition.

States Entered: Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra

After being in Jodhpur for 2 nights and 1 day, it was time to say goodbye to my hometown. It’s always difficult to leave your home and parents. We started from Jodhpur early in the morning at 6:30am, so that we can cover maximum distance. We were on the road from last 14 days and by the time we will reach Bangalore 3 more days will go.

At 8am in the morning we were in the Pali and had Kachori near the temple of Om Banna also known as Bullet Baba. At 9am we were in Sanderao and by 9:30am we entered Shivganj. We had our breakfast at 10:30am somewhere near Sirohi opposite to Pava Puri Dham.

We entered Gujarat via Abu road at 11:45am. The road was in excellent condition and we were going at pretty decent pace. 1pm we were in Palanpur and at 3pm we were on the Ahmedabad to Vadodara Expressway.

Gujarat roads were in excellent condition and were one of the best roads we drove in our road trip. At 4:30pm we entered Vadodara and from there we target Mumbai as our destination. We were regretting our decision of travelling through Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra when we started our Journey. We could easily save couple of days if we had gone for Hubli – Pune-Mumbai – Vadodara – Jaipur – Delhi route.

After having lunch on our favorite place “Highway Dhaba” at 5pm we started our journey towards Maharashtra at 5:30pm and at 9:30pm we entered Maharashtra.

Around 11pm were in the outskirts of Mumbai and decided for night halt as we were travelling from last 16 hours. We stayed in a hotel near Thane which was around 45kms from Mumbai. Tomorrow was last day of our Ladakh road trip.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jaipur to Jodhpur: Ladakh Road Trip - Day 13

Date: 15th May 2013

Distance Travelled: 380 Kms

Highlights of the Day: Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal.
Road Condition: Jaipur to Jodhpur road is in good condition, except near Bar where some construction was going on.

It was day 13 of Ladakh road trip and we were in the land of royals – my own Rajasthan. We were in the Pink City - Jaipur and two of ours hometown is Jodhpur so we decided to go home. But before going to Jodhpur we went to see famous fort of Jaipur, not Amber Fort but Nahargarh Fort.

At 11am we started from our hotel for the Nahargarh fort which got famous after Masti Ki Pathshala song of Rang De Basanti movie. On the way to Nahargarh Fort we crossed some old markets and buildings of Pink City.

As there is one more fort near Nahargarh Fort which is known as Jaigarh Fort, so we decided to visit first Jaigarh Fort. On the way we had also seen famous “Jal Mahal” of Jaipur. Far in the lake there is a palace in middle of water so it got its name as “Jal Mahal” or “Palace of water”.

At 12pm we reached Jaigarh Fort and hired a guide. You can take your vehicle inside the fort. There is a world’s largest canon in the fort known as “Jai Van”.

Click here to read more about the Jaigarh Fort.

We took some beers from the Jaigarh Fort and went to see Nahargarh Fort. We haven’t seen the actual fort but instead went on the place where “Rang De Basanti” movie song was shoot. After spending an hour at the Nahargarh Fort it was time to go home.

Click here to read more about Nahargarh Fort.

We started from Nahargarh Fort at 2:30pm for Jodhpur. On the way we had also seen “Hawa Mahal” from the road but did not went inside. Weather became pleasant due to clouds and it started drizzling. We had our lunch at 5pm on a highway Dhaba after Ajmer.

After lunch we headed straight towards Jodhpur.  We got stuck in traffic jam for half an hour at Bar. At 8:45pm we were in the Jodhpur and it was time say hello to our parents. 

Day 14 I was at my home to spend some time with parents while my friends went to explore the Meharangarh Fort of Jodhpur.